More than a passive way to display information, eSUITE is a robust two-way communication device that allows you to interact with patients before, during and after their stay along the entire continuum of care.

The Solution that Goes Beyond the Television

  • eXPRESS | pre-admission

    Jump start care before patients enter the hospital. Great for reminders, pre-admission instructions and preparing patients for what to expect during an upcoming procedure or hospital stay.

  • eNGAGE | inpatient

    Provide relevant information and shared-decision making tools to empower patients during their stay. Everything a patient needs at their fingertips. Education content, entertainment, personalized info about their care team, daily schedule, medications, meals and more.

  • eXTEND | post-discharge

    Stay connected with patients after they leave the hospital. Ideal for disease management – deliver timely follow-up instructions, support group information, medication reminders and relevant education content.